Lombok Institute of Flight Technology

4 Aircraft Flight School on the Island of Lombok training using the most advanced equipment and a training curriculum from US company Flight Safety International

Lombok Institute of Flight Technology (LIFT), located on the Island of Lombok a short Boat ride away from Bali, was established in June 2010 in cooperation with a private investor from Hong Kong and a local management from Jakarta. Lombok Institute of Flight Technology was the first flight training facility in Indonesia to operate glass cockpit Liberty XL2 aircraft.

Lombok Institute of Flight Technology has aviation business roots in Indonesia dating to 2005, with the establishment of PT Sky Aviation, a small charter company, which was providing inter-island VIP charter service using US-built Cirrus SR22 aircraft. The operation was housed in the same hangar as the current company’s flight operations base. In 2010, the investment company decided to move into flight training sector of aviation business, seeing the huge demand for pilots and sold PT Sky Aviation to a local Indonesian investment firm while establishing Lombok Institute of Fight Technology.

Lombok Institute of Flight Technology has since become a leading private flight school in aviation education and training in Indonesia. Since its founding, the Institution has produced pilots who have continued on to make noteworthy contributions to the airlines. The flight training program incorporates the latest advances and the most current information in the continuously evolving flight training field. LIFT has an ongoing arrangement with Flight Safety International to conduct some of its training modules. Also in anticipation of the Authority forthcoming policy, LIFT has updated its training curriculum with the airplane upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) module. The UPRT Instructor was sent to the United States to acquire UPRT certification. Amongst the host of traditional flight training courseware, LIFT operates a dedicated cross-wind flight simulator, the only such device in the archipelago, providing students with precise landing skills.

Based at Lombok Island, Lombok Institute of Flight Technology is accredited by the Director General of Civil Aviation of Indonesia. Training is conducted from the Selaparang Airport in Mataram with satellite airfields at Nusa Alam in Jakarta and the Sumbawa Besar Regional Airport at Sumbawa

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